Originally from Palestine, Texas, our newest instructor Jenna Lee rediscovered her love for dance, wellness and fitness while galavanting the city streets of NYC. Jenna Lee, a singer-songwriter and seasoned fitness instructor, now bounces between Houston and San Francisco, growing and developing her passion for music, movement and mindfulness.

  • Dream Occupation

    Fitness instructor and singer/songwriter, and taking these projects to the next level.

  • Hidden Talent

    I could probably sell ice to eskimos.... I don't know if that's "hidden" though?

  • Favorite Artist

    I'm definitely both ends of the spectrum. From Emmylou Harris to Drake to "Eyes" by Kaskade

  • Dream Destination

    Taking my family and friends on an EPIC trip to the Maldives or Necker Island (my treat)

  • Hobby

    Practicing guitar and working on MORE songwriting

  • TV Show

    "Golden Girls". Nuff said... "thank you for being a friend!"